Verizon FiOS ActionTek Cable Modem Issues

Verizon supplies ActionTek cable modems with built-in WiFi to most of their FiOS customers. These routers might present challenges during setup. If you are not able to connect your Petzi after 2 or 3 attempts, we recommend the following:

- Call FiOS Customer Support

- Have them ensure that the cable modem has been updated with the latest firmware

- If the WiFi security is not set for WPA2, ask them to do so. Make sure they give you the new WiFi Password if one is generated. WPA2 is the latest, most secure WiFi security.

- Check that the WiFi is working with your phone or computer, before you are off the call.

The Petzi Treat Cam does work with current ActionTek cable modem routers from Verizon. We have many customers on them. If they are leasing you an older model, ask for the latest version.

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