Treat Cam Setup Problems? - Please Read!

The Petzi Treat Cam sets up easily and quickly in most cases. If yours does not, it usually means a default setting in your WiFi router needs to be changed. Here are the top ones to look for:

  • Distance - Setup your Petzi in the same room as your WiFi router. You can move it after setup.
  • WiFi Mode - The Petzi WiFi chip supports b/g/n, not a/c.
  • WiFi Security - Petzi requires WPA2-AES security. Mixed modes (WPA/WPA2 and TKIP-AES) are supported.
  • Ensure Treat Cam is in Setup Mode - The Treat Cam flashes one per second when it is in setup mode. You should see Petzi_XXXX in your WiFi list. If not, reset your Petzi.
  • Older WiFi routers - If your router is 5 years or older, it may not support some features that Petzi (and other IoT devices) require for setup.

The Petzi Customer Support team is here to help you through any or all of the issues above. Email us at We can schedule a phone follow-up if needed.


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