"Whoopzi! The Petzi Cannot Connect to Your Network" - What to do

If you see this message repeatedly when you are setting up your Petzi Treat Cam, then you need the Wireless security settings in your router. Petzi takes the security of your video stream seriously. We have the most secure pet camera on the market today.

The Petzi Treat Cam currently supports only WPA2 encryption. To confirm what you currently have your WiFi encryption method set, please log into your router. The encryption method is usually on the same page as where you can change the name (SSID) of your wireless network and password.

If it is set to WEP or WPA, please look for WPA2 Personal, WPA2/WPA mixed mode or other option that may contain WPA2.

If there are no WPA2 options in your router, please contact support@petzi.com. We can suggest a variety of new routers at different price points.

If your router was supplied by your cable provider, call them and ask for a newer router. They typically are very happy to do so.

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