Android - Setup Tips

Google changed some WiFi security features in Android 6.0 and above that may affect setting up a new Petzi Treat Cam. Please be aware of the following:


  • Location Services must be enabled during setup - During setup, the Petzi App for Android automatically finds the Petzi_XXXX WiFi name of the Treat Cam. In Android 6.0 and above, location services MUST be enabled for this to work. Once your Treat Cam is setup and you have your first session, you can disable location services. 
  • Cellular Data may need to be disabled during setup - During setup, you must disable Cellular Data to setup the camera properly. To do that, go to your Android Settings, tap on "Data Usage", then turn "Cellular Data" to the OFF position. Once your Treat Cam is setup, you can turn your cellular data back on.
  • Turn off Power Save Mode during setup - During setup, the App may report "Enable WiFi on your phone". On some Android phones, this incorrect message is due to Power Save Mode being enabled. Once your Treat Cam is setup and you have your first session, you can re-enable Power Save Mode. 
  • Android 6 and above may disable Petzi_XXXX - Android 6 will permanently ignore WiFi networks that aren't connected to the Internet. A Petzi Treat Cam that has not been setup displays this behavior. After 2 or 3 setup failures, you will not be able to setup until you do the following:


  1. Go to your WiFi Settings
  2. Connect to Petzi_XXXX. (You may notice a message that says that it is not connected to the Internet.)
  3. Tap on the Petzi_XXXX name, you will have the option to "Forget" the network.
  • Router Issues - We are collecting known router incompatibilities with all versions. Please let us know the make and model of your WiFi router when you contact us. We may know some minor setting changes you need to make to get connected.
  • Get connected with a non-Android device - If none of the above suggestions work, setup your Treat Cam with another make and model of phone running Android or iOS. Once the camera is setup on your account, your Android phone (and any device that logs in with the same email/password) will be able to connect with the camera, treat and talk normally.






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