What kind of treats can I use in my Petzi?

The Petzi Treat Cam is designed to dispense treats to your favorite pet. Most Petzi owners own dogs or cats, but some have lizards, pigs, and other pets as well.

Remove the cover from the Petzi Treat Cam and fill it with your pet's favorite treat, following these guidelines:

  • Maximum Treat Size - 1"
  • Avoid Soft Treats - Crunchy treats work better and keep your Petzi cleaner






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    Aruni J

    Approximately how many treats can the device hold before refilling is required, if you go by the one inch max size?

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    Hello! I just got my new petzi and I loaded the cat treats provided and she. I tried to treat my pet it gave all of the treats to her! Like 10! I figured they might be too small so I loaded the dog treats provided to test it and 2 came out at a time. I. Wondering if there's a problem with my machine...

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