Why is the camera light is staying on or is blinking?

Under normal circumstances, the Petzi Treat Cam will be off. You may on rare occasions see a single blink on occasion or some rapid blinking during a software update.

The Treat Cam light comes on when you are in a video session and turns off when you leave the session or the App. If it stays on for a long time after a session, just turn the Treat Cam on and off. (Don't do a WiFi reset.)

A fast blinking light means that the camera is no longer connected to your WiFi. Check your router and WiFi connection to make sure it is up and running. 

When you first open your Petzi Treat Cam or after a WiFi reset, it is blinking once per second. That means you do have to get your Petzi Treat Cam connected. (This should not happen by itself once connected.)

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